Richard Lundström

Richard Lundström

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First Name * Richard
Last Name * Lundström
Username * RichardLundstrom
Country * Sweden
City Stockholm
Nationality Swedish
Languages Swedish



Availability: Freelance


I'm an enthusiastic swede with a passion for 3D.

I graduated with a bachelor in 3D graphics from gsCEPT (.com) in Sweden, a school that produced talents working on Lord of The Rings, the Narnia films and on some of the biggest gaming productions in the world.

After that I studied Motion Graphics at Hyper Island(.se), a school known for its unique way of teaching, with a lot of self learning, group dynamics and feedback sessions. We worked close to the industry with module leaders from some of the biggest and most prestigious agencies and animation studios in the world.

I'm currently residing in Stockholm, Sweden, working as a freelancing 3D artist.

If you want to get in contact or retain a copy of my CV, please feel free to email me.

Have a great day,